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Welcome to Oreshnitsa International Company (OIC)

Producer and Distributor of the Small Kitchen Appliances
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Our mission is to increase efficiency of cooking and make kitchen to become a fun place for all family.


Mushroom Maker 10 PC
$59.99 EA


Pastry Maker Oreshnitsa 24 PC

$69.99 EA

$64.99 EA+shipping





Pastry Maker Oreshnitsa 10 PC  

$59.99 EA

$54.99 EA+shipping



Oreshnitsa International Company Service and Warranty 


1 Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty
Local Pickups in Everett, Washington, USA
Excellent Management and Retail Staff


Oreshnitsa International Company


Our company was established in June of 2010 in Washington state, USA. We are proud to be first on the market with our electric product Pastry Maker - Oreshnitsa. Our products dramatically increases efficiency in making a homemade pastries.



Customer Testimonials

Oreshnnitsa International Company changed my family life style when I purchased Pastry Maker - Oreshnitsa. Instead of me just working at the kitchen, now all my family are happily making our own oreshki. We are saving money and eating fresh and tasty oreshki. I am recommending this excellent product for you guys to try, maybe it will change your family life style too.      Vika
Oreshnitsa International Company (OIC)
P.O. Box 13445
Mill Creek, WA 98082
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